About Us

Started in 2017 with a focus on research and development with patented products aimed at assisting telecommunication operators to create and manage API-based systems. Today, the company has expanded to offer carrier-grade and private LTE & 5G product designs, solutions for network engineering, and software development.

mobileAP primary clients are telecom service providers and big businesses utilizing professional mobile radio networks, such as those in oil and gas, public safety, and utilities. Given the crucial nature of these communications, ensuring the reliability and stability of the operational infrastructure is of utmost importance. This is why mobileAP designs its products and services with its customers' needs in mind, fostering strong customer relationships and delivering prime-quality solutions.

mobileAP helps Tier 1 telecom operators find the best solution for their business-to-business customers. With years of experience working with telecom customers, they understand that each of their clients is unique and has their own specific set of data and telecom infrastructure, IT systems, and business processes. mobileAP is dedicated to helping both national telecommunications providers and their customers evaluate solutions that are appropriate for their current and future needs. With a strong understanding of the telecommunications industry & standards, mobileAP can assist telecom professionals in building long-lasting relationships with enterprise customers by providing them with carrier-class solutions. Focusing on telecom-specific applications and infrastructure, we build all products and services on the foundation of engineering excellence. As the telecommunications industry changes and evolves, our company remains dedicated to innovation, providing clients with state-of-the-art technology solutions. Our specialized skills include integrating OSS/BSS systems, core components of LTE and 5G networks, tracking assets, managing policies, software-defined networking, and integrating communications systems. mobileAP covers everything from the initial concept to the final product, ensuring that communication networks run smoothly and efficiently.