CPEtouch - manage your CPE network easily and securely

CPEtouch is an ideal software solution for businesses that need to manage and provision a large number of CPEs spread across a wide area, from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of devices. We understand that this can be a daunting and time-consuming task, which is why we have developed a sophisticated system that automates the entire process.

Typical pain points faced by enterprises that operate a large number of complex L3 CPEs in private or public telecommunications networks are:

Configuration Management
Reporting &

Centralized Control requirement means that a CPE management solution has to be able to provide a way of managing a potentially multi-vendor environment with CPEs of every make and model, to be expandable and flexible enough to accommodate new devices and new services without changing the software itself. CPEtouch is designed to support a variety of CPE vendors and to be user-configurable to suit any customer's business needs.

Configuration Management processes cover the automation flows that ensure that new firmware is installed correctly on newly discovered and existing devices, handle configuration backup and restore, and allow solution administrators to define and manage device configuration templates

Service Provisioning functionality removes the operator's manual intervention in the processes of Day 2 configution, when the device with preset configuration template requires further customization to perform the desired role on the network. When CPEtouch is deployed on the customer's network, a joint team defines the service templates for L2/L3 services like VPLS or L3 VPN. These template-based services can later be applied to any compatible device with a single click.

Operating a network with a high number of Customer Premises Equipment is impossible without a real-time component, which provides insights into the network status in real time, allowing the operations team to react to any issues immediately, as well as aggregate data to elicit long-term trends and provide concise reports to the management.

CPEtouch also provides a range of other benefits to help you manage your L3 CPEs more effectively. For example, our template-based provisioning system enables you to create and manage default config templates and service provisioning templates quickly and easily. This allows you to provision new devices with the necessary configuration templates without manual intervention.

Our configuration management functionality is also highly advanced, with parametrized default config templates and service templates that make it easy to manage your devices. You can create and manage different templates for various device models or groups of devices, ensuring that your configuration management processes are error-proof and optimized.

CPEtouch is a powerful and comprehensive software solution that provides businesses with the ability to manage and provision a large number of L3 CPEs in a highly effective manner. With its advanced features and automated processes, CPEtouch helps businesses to significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage their devices while ensuring that they are always configured correctly and backed up as needed.